Q – What’s involved with the Judging Process?
The World Supermodels Production Delegates will be judged in the traditional style and will cover the following areas Personal Interviews, Stage Presentation, Evening Gown, Swimwear and Random Question.

Q – Do we have interviews?
A - Yes, Supermodels will be interviewed by each of the high profile Guest Judge’s. This will be the first chance for the Judges to meet and greet you.
Q – Is there an Evening Gown Judging section?
A – Yes, your Evening Gown will be judged on the Design and Craftsmanship of the Garment and Supermodels will have 20 seconds to explain what they are wearing and who designed their evening gown and need to demonstrate their poise and grace whilst in Evening Gown.
Q – Do we have to wear swimwear?
A- Yes, the Swimwear category will be judged and marks scored based on the Presentation, Cut and Style of the fabric.
Q – What’s the Stage Presentation category?
A - This Category is judged during the Choreographed show of the Crowning Ceremony where the Supermodels will have the chance to demonstrate their timing and co-ordination and their ability to present themselves on stage.
Q – Do we have to answer a random question?
A – Yes, the Random Question will apply to Supermodels who make the FINALS where they will need to demonstrate their ability to answer a Random Question that they have selected from a bowl in front of a live audience and is considered one of the hardest sections for the Supermodels to complete.
Q – Do we have translators for the Random Question and Interviews for our own language?
A – Yes, in most cases you are provided translators in your native tongue (language) however you will need to let our team know in advance
Q – What Awards are given?
A - Titles will be awarded in the following Categories – World Supermodel, World Teen Supermodel, World Supermodel Runner-up, World Teen Supermodel Runner-up, Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic, Best Evening Gown, Best swimwear.
Q – Is there a Talent section?
A- No, there is no talent section.
Q – Can I still enter if I have not been in any Production before?
A – Yes you can still enter under the Wildcard Category providing you meet the Entry criteria we have a lot of newcomers that enter that don’t have any Production experience, however you need to demonstrate your runway and photographic ability.
Q – Can my friends and family attend the Production and where can they stay?
A – They may stay at the Production s “Official Accommodation” where friends and family rates are sometimes offered but cannot interfere with the schedule.
Q – How do we get tickets?
A – Ticket information will be advised on the web site once they have been released.
Q – What do my family and friends wear to the Production?
A – Family and friends normally wear anything from Formalwear to good Business Casual.
Q – If I make the Finals, who do I share a room with?
A – You share a room with other contestants which ranges between 2-3 per room and only contestants are allowed in the rooms (STRICTLY No Family or Friends are allowed in rooms).
Q – Do I have to pay for the Accommodation?
A – No, your room during the Production is provided for you, HOWEVER, if you choose to arrive before and stay after the official contest dates you will need to pay for the rooms and any expenses you incurred for those nights and this needs to be paid prior to entering the contest period
Q – Do I need to pay for meals during the Production?
A – You are provided with at least 2 meals daily, it's always important to cover any extra snacks and drinks you may need during the contest dates and especially travelling to the Production either prior to the contest dates or after the contest dates
Q – How much do I have to spend on outfits?
A – That will be up to your choice, you do not have to spend a fortune on outfits to wear throughout the Production, however, remember to wear what you feel comfortable in and what best reflects your personality. Keeping in mind that some of our Delegates in the past have been able to get sponsors to assist them.
Q – Can I get a sponsor?
A – If you do not have a national Director, Yes. Obtaining Sponsorship is very important and it does take some time on your behalf to do this. We also suggest that you make a minimum list of needs and your wants, then start with your family and friends first and their friends and contacts. It’s important that your list is realistic and that you plan a simple strategy to succeed. When approaching any sponsor it’s important that your communication skills are very clear to them. Explain your goals and why their support will help you obtain your goals whilst highlighting your experience.
Q – What is a Wildcard Entry?
A – The Wildcard Entry is when a potential Delegate wants to enter the Production but doesn't have a National Competition and or National Director in their country
Q – Can I be disqualified from the Production?
A – Yes, you can be disqualified especially if a Delegate has an illness (i.e. flue or worse) that can spread to the rest of the team or other Delegates, or if staff feel threatened, bullied or insulted by a Delegate or if you don't follow stage direction or the rules and conditions of participation or the Judging Process
Q – Can I be disqualified after the Production?
A – Yes, this is also rare but it can happen if a Delegate or title winner doesn't comply with our requests, the policies and practices and rules and conditions of entry - or fail to comply with their National Directors request or fails to represent a brand in a positive manner or brings their title or the World Supermodel Production brand or Partner, Sponsor Brand into disrepute or if they (or their assigns) threaten, bully or insult the Team and/or Judging Panel in any way