Contestant Criteria
Do you possess unique physical beauty?
Is keeping fit and healthy a priority?
Are you motivated and driven to succeed and is your
ambition tempered by a desire to help others with honesty
and integrity whilst setting high standards as a World Supermodel?

Then this event is for you
however to satisfy the entry criteria you must:
  • - be a Citizen or Resident for 6 months of your country or region
  • - hold a valid passport or be eligible to hold one
  • - be 20 years old before the 1st of January in the year of contest
  • - be 30 years old after the 31st of December in the year of contest
  • - be 170cm or taller
  • - be a person who was born female
  • - be a person who enjoys travelling
  • - Have good communication skills and enjoy talking to people
  • - be able to demonstrate a high standard in public speaking
  • - Have a strong commitment in the pursuit of excellence
  • - be a person of good character, possess charm, poise and personality and be fit and healthy
  • - be a person who wants to be a Supermodel and who has more than 2yrs - modeling experience
  • - Have a strong desire to represent your country or region
  • - be an ambassador overseas as well as at in International events
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Rules and Conditions of entry