What We Do
The World Supermodel production is an international competition for models aged between 20-30yrs and was created to find out who are the next leading World Supermodels regardless of their marital status

This choreographed show reveals the world’s latest fashions and leading designers from each Delegate whilst showcasing and promoting their Country’s culture and lifestyle to the rest of the world in an honest and fair competition - but more importantly, it's an opportunity to discover the world's most outstanding individuals whilst providing them a platform for international achievement and national recognition

World Supermodel provides a magnificent opportunity for young ambitious women to put themselves into the national and international spotlight to be identified and applauded for being talented, articulate, fit and healthy. Which we believe are just some of the key qualities of the modern woman and deserved to be promoted and encouraged

Who We Are
The World Supermodel Production comprises a team of event and production specialists based around the world, with local knowledge and a demonstrated ability of dedication, hard work and a commitment to style and professionalism.

The World Supermodel Production has over 150 years of summated industry experience in all diverse aspects of the industry, where we believe we offer an innovative and creative production, which in turn reflects more of world’s hidden professional expertise.

Attention to detail, we believe, is the key to success reflecting in the quality of the service we provide.